Mum fumes as neighbour keeps ‘touching her parcels’ but some say he’s being helpful

We’ve seen many people talk about the nightmare neighbours they’ve had to deal with, from ones who play music too loudly to others who have been at the centre of parking disputes. But one woman has been left outraged by her neighbour for one very specific reason – he keeps leaving her post outside her door.

The mum claimed she lives in a townhouse that has been converted into five flats, and she lives on the second floor, while the neighbour in question lives on the fifth floor in a converted attic. When the post is delivered and there are parcels involved, the courier will leave the packages in the main entrance way, rather than attempt to deliver to each individual flat.

To help others out with their deliveries, the man living on the top floor likes to collect all the parcels from downstairs and leave them outside each flat – but this has annoyed the mum, who wants him to stop touching her property.

In a post on Mumsnet, she said: “Am I being unreasonable to not want neighbours touching my parcels?

“I live in a big converted townhouse. There is a flat on each floor. I live on the second floor. My neighbour who lives in the attic (5th floor) always seems to touch my parcels.

“All post is delivered by the main entrance on the ground floor. When he walks past to collect his parcels, he picks up any other ones that belong to other flats and drops them off outside their front doors on the way up to his.”

Commenters on the post were baffled by the woman’s frustrations, as many of them said it seemed as though her neighbour was just doing something nice to help out the people that share a building with him.

One person said: “That sounds quite nice of him.”

While another added: “He sounds like a lovely helpful chap. I’d be glad of his kindness.”

And a third wrote: “Bloody hell, some people will find anything to moan about! He’s doing you a favour. My neighbours take parcels in, bring bins and recycling in when I’m at work and I do the same. Get a grip.”

Other commenters stated that the mum could always ask the neighbour to leave her parcels where they are if she has an issue with him handling them – although they also pointed out that numerous other people will have touched her parcels during the delivery process.

Someone said: “He sounds really helpful. But if you don’t want that nice neighbourly help then a polite note where the post goes should do the trick. [Just say] ‘Please leave all post and parcels for No. x where they are, thank you.’ “

As someone else stated: “That’s very kind of him. What’s your issue? Do you think he doesn’t wash his hands or something? Just imagine all of the hands that have touched those parcels en route anyway.”