Chip shop owner has a laugh over ‘baby named after favourite dish’ in joke to customers

A fish and chip shop owner had a laugh by sharing a post about a “baby named after a favourite dish”.

The Captain’s Table’s owner Hilary Braniff, from Glengormley, County Antrim, invented the story to try and spread a little cheer in the catering industry.

She wanted to bring a smile to people’s face as the cost of living crisis and energy prices take hold, reports BelfastLive.

The real child in the photograph, however, is Hilary’s first granddaughter Grace, who was born on August 24.

The chippy’s Facebook page showed a photo of a JustEat receipt that had a restaurant note attached.

It read: “My wife has just called our newborn daughter Pakora after her fav dish from The Captain’s Table … thought you’d like to know.”

One person commented: “The face you make when your parents name you Pakora.”

Another wrote: “Literally burst into laughter”.

Hilary enjoyed the reaction to her post, saying: “I think some people might think it’s serious, I’m starting to get a wee bit nervous now.

“This is a family business, we’re into the third generation now and my sons work here too.

“It’s not very often you can come up with something you haven’t seen before, but I got up this morning and just thought things are so dull at the minute.

“Every time you go on Facebook you just see posts about how bad fish and chip shops are, and the rising costs of electric and gas and everything.

“For a few minutes instead of working out the utility bills, I decided to focus on what really matters which is family.

“I just thought I would do a post – my two favourite things in the world are chicken pakora and my baby granddaughter.

“I thought I would combine the two things for a bit of fun really.

“I phoned my daughter and asked if she minded me putting Grace’s photo on Facebook, and she said no worries, but she didn’t know what it was for.

“Her husband phoned her and said ‘I think your mum’s just put Grace on her Facebook page saying she’s called pakora.’ Then our family WhatsApp was going crazy too after that.”

Hilary said she created the post to “bring a little cheer to our industry.”

She added it’s been a “funny day” after the post was liked by over 200 people in a few short hours.

The gran said she hopes it was able to give people a laugh.

But now Hilary said she faces the issue of trying to make sure people don’t actually think her granddaughter is named after her favourite chippy dish.

She said: “I’ve got four sons and a daughter, so I think the plan now to get them to not call her pakora is going to be a bit tricky because they think it’s so funny.

“It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been something like pastie bap.

“I think you could probably get away with calling someone pakora, which made it even funnier as people were thinking it could be serious.”